About Laxar

Laxar Fiskeldi plans to develop a dynamic salmon farming activity in sea cages in the East Fjords of Iceland. The company’s plan is to build up production facilities of at least 25,000 tons. Increased stock volume leads to enhanced efficiency, and a more solid operational basis.

The first phase consists of establishing a fish farm facility with a production capacity of 6,000 tons in the fjord Reydarfjördur.

The company has already obtained the required licences for the first phase of operation and will commence farming operations in the spring of 2017.   The licences for Phases II-IV are forthcoming. Laxar has effectively obtained legal priority on application  for cultivation in the fjords in question. The founders of Laxar fiskeldi ehf. have decades of experience in salmon farming in Norway (Hordaland and Trøndelag) as well as in the East Fjords of Iceland.

From the maricultural point of view, the East Fjords of Iceland provide favourable natural conditions.  The area is tried and tested for salmon farming.  The results are promising in terms of robust growth rates and non existence of pancreas disease and salmon lice.

The Icelandic marine industry has a strong foothold in this region and man-made structures are in place.  The Icelandic authorities have specifically made provisions concerning this specific area for the purpose of salmon farming in sea cages under regulation 226/2001. The local municipalities have included the area in their main development plan and the authorities’ as well as the local people’s goodwill is apparent. Another main reason for the Austfirdir area being chosen is the excellent transportation the whole year around to and from the area to international gateways.

Main shareholders of Laxar are:

Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett AS: 53,5%

Other: 46,5%


Chairman of the board:

Lars Måsöval.

Board members:

Asle Rönning.

Einar Örn Gunnarsson.

Gunnar Steinn Gunnarsson.

Lars Måsöval.

Havard Grontvedt

Managing director:

Helgi G. Sigurðsson.