The first station at Gripalda started operations in early 2017.  “Sigmundarhús” was started in 2018 and  “Bjarg” will be started in 2019.  Seven employees work at each station.

In our marine pen fish-farming in Reydarfjördur, we emphasise using the globally best available equipment for the production. Our employees are trained to handle the various challenges that come with the operation.

We put sustainable development, environmental and safety issues first. We use Skretting’s certified high-quality feed from sustainable raw materials. Laxar’s environmental policy is our guiding light in the operations and all employees, contractors and visitors must follow the safety rules set by Laxar’s marine fish farming.

Seeing as this is the core of the marine pen fish farming operation, Laxar produces high-quality salmon in the cold and clean seawaters around Iceland.